About Us

I’ve always been interested in biology, chemistry and science in general, which led me to study chemistry and become a researcher in sustainability and environmental science. However, I have also always wanted to have my own business and due to the nature of my job it was really important for me to create a business that is sustainable and contributes to net zero emissions. This is one of the reasons why we use eco-friendly, recycled packaging and we plant a tree for every order on our website.

I met my partner in the covid summer of 2020. She is a doctor and really likes jewellery so together we decided to create a science related jewellery business. Thus, we created the company in August 2021 from the living room of our flat in West London.

We had found that it was challenging to find a shop that sells high quality jewellery that is not just like any other on the high street, and jewellery that fits our specific interest and love for science.

Whether it’s a special gift for a scientist, a teacher or a graduation gift we found that it was hard to find a long lasting, good quality product at an affordable price.

The molecules that we have chosen for our design are some of the most relevant and relatable in society; they portray strong emotions such as happiness, excitement and love. We believe in using the highest quality silver and gold and we work closely with our manufacturers and check our products to provide the highest quality and 100 % customer satisfaction.

We are always looking to expand our range of products so if you have any suggestions or molecule requests please send us an email we would love to hear from you!